Magdaléna Škerenčák was born in Žilina, Slovakia to Milan and Katarína on May 9th, 1996. Since her early childhood she was introduced to the world of theatre and performance both through experience and through her mother who worked as the stage manager of The City Theatre Žilina. Alongside, she was introduced and led towards the love for classical music through piano lessons (2002 – 2013) at Ladislav Árvay Art School and close connection to The Slovak Sinfonietta Žilina where her father worked.

In 2010, Magdalena was accepted to Bilingual Lyceum T. Ružičku in Žilina where she has undertaken 5 years of study of French language, however she never stopped following her passion for theatre. In 2013, she co-founded a theatre company called M2+P with her friends Maggie and Pavol and successfully put on self-written and self-produced short plays every year. In 2014, she joined The Cube Theatre Company where she got the first professional introduction to acting and a year later, both The Cube (Through the hole… in your head) and M2+P (I.N.A.) had the chance to take their productions to the national round of Youth Theatre Competition in Tisovec.

By the time Magdalena finished her high school and successfully graduated from French literature, English, Geography and Slovak, she already knew that she has been offered a place at East 15 Acting School in London. Alongside the lessons of Laban movement techniques and acting through song, she was also trained in method acting and actor-creator skills which are in such high demand in the industry. In her third year, she has been given the opportunity to stage her own conceptual play called Indigo which has been put up for a run at the Corbett Theatre in November 2017 as part of the Second Annual International Festival of New Work.

Since graduating from East 15 Acting School, Magdaléna has worked on several projects including a theatre concert Sonnets at Guildhall School of Music and Drama and a short film directed by Zac Spearman produced by BBC called Through a Screen Darkly and a short film in collaboration with London Film Academy called Neighbours.

Magdaléna is currently based in Prague with an alternative base in Slovakia. She is also currently working on her second play called Zjaz(v)venia which was first introduced as a concept during a workshop of dramatic writing of Slovak National Theatre during the pandemic. She will take part in international workshop In Memoriam: Human in Pôtoň Theatre in summer 2021. Magdaléna was recently selected for a site-specific Slovak-Norwegian devised co-production directed by Marcelino Martin Valiente which is to be staged in Summer 2022.

Magdaléna is always on a lookout for passionate collaborators and open to new ideas.
May you have any questions, please, use the contact form on this website.